Hydrosphere is a Herring Family Business

TL Herring Consulting Group Inc. and our environmental division, Hydrosphere Technologies, were founded in 2005 to provide environmental consulting services to a wide range of clientele in the areas of assessment, compliance, and management systems. We work with various sectors throughout western Canada including: real estate transfer and development, upstream and downstream oil and gas, mining, government, and manufacturing.

We provide consulting services for environment health and safety management systems, environment health and safety audits, site assessments, site remediation, contaminate management, waste management, water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, environmental site enhancement, decommissioning and reclamation, compliance monitoring, and groundwater/contaminate hydrogeology.

Troy Herring, AScT, EP(CEA), EP (EMSLA), CESA
Principal Consultant

Troy is an Engineering Technologist, a registered Environmental Professional and a Certified Environmental Site Assessor with over twenty five years of experience in the consulting industry. Troy has worked with both private and government organizations in a variety of roles and positions. His experience includes:Troy Herring of Hydrosphere Technologies

  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Health and Safety Compliance Auditing
  • Management System Auditing
  • EHS Management System Development
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Phase II ESA Drilling and Sampling Supervision
  • Field Sampling
  • Phase III Remediation Plan Development
  • Hydrogeology
  • Contaminated Sites Management

He has applied his skills and knowledge, on a great number and variety of projects conducted in the Province of Saskatchewan, across Canada, and other areas of North America.

Cheryl Herring
Director and Business Manager

After graduating with an education in Business Administration and Marketing, Cheryl spent many years as a Business Analyst with the provincial government. This provided vast experience in client relations, budgeting, time, team and project management which has transferred well into her role managing Hydrosphere Technologies/TL Herring Consulting Group Inc.

Melodi Pritchard, M.E.Des., B.Sc.
Senior Associate

With extensive experience in Environmental Compliance auditing, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Development and Auditing and integrated EHS management systems cultivated over her 20 plus year career, Melodi is an Environmental Management specialist and great asset to our team primarily providing senior technical review.

Jordan Herring, C.E.S.A.
Environmental Technician

Jordan completed the Phase 1 ESA training as well as the Phase 1 Upstream Oil & Gas training provided by the Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada in November 2015. In July 2017, he met all the requirements to receive his accreditation as a Certified Environmental Site Assessor (CESA).

Jordan also completed the Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Applied Certificate program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SK PolyTech) and is continuing his education in this subject. Jordan will continue working on Phase 1s, field sampling and remediation projects in addition to his studies.

Michelle Wendt
Environmental Technologist

Michelle completed her Environmental Engineering Technology diploma from SK PolyTech as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Applied Certificate program. She has been assisting in legislative reviews and Environmental, Health and Safety protocol development and maintenance with Hydrosphere and assisting with the environmental assessment team. She has previous experience working as part of an Environment, Health and Safety Management System team as well as assisting in drilling and groundwater monitoring projects.